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Climate change and public health plan for Cook County

Climate change and public health plan

Chicago Climate Change and Health Fact Sheets

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Climate Change and Asthma
Climate Change and Heat Stroke
Climate Change and Seasonal Allergies
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Chicago Clean Power Coalition
Environment Illinois
Keep Antibiotics Working
Healthcare Without Harm
Illinois Environmental Council
Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental and Law Policy Center
Respiratory Health Association

Healthy Fish Choices helps solve the Goldilocks problem

In advising patients about fish consumption, medical practitioners who treat pregnant women, women of childbearing age or parents of young children face what we call the Goldilocks problem- the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are healthful, so don't eat too little; but mercury and PCB's in fish are harmful, so don't eat too much - eat the amount of fish that's just right.

The Healthy Fish Choices online CME curriculum gives medical practitioners the information they need to confidently advise their patients on the risks and benefits of fish consumption. Practitioners can obtain up to 12 CME credits at a nominal cost. Go to to learn more or to sign up.