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Climate change and public health plan for Cook County

Climate change and public health plan

Chicago Climate Change and Health Fact Sheets

Free health fact sheets

Climate Change and Asthma
Climate Change and Heat Stroke
Climate Change and Seasonal Allergies
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Chicago PSR is honored to collaborate with these organizations:

Chicago Clean Power Coalition
Environment Illinois
Keep Antibiotics Working
Healthcare Without Harm
Illinois Environmental Council
Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental and Law Policy Center
Respiratory Health Association

Welcome to Chicago PSR

Our Mission

Chicago Physicians for Social Responsibility is dedicated to promoting a healthier Chicago and improved public health worldwide through advocacy and education about the effects of climate change, environmental toxins, and other environmental threats to human health.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for our 7th annual Soul of Medicine dinner on March 17, 2017 at 6 PM at MingHin in Chinatown. Free for students.


Current Projects

  • iec dinner attendees

    We helped shut down Chicago's dirty coal plants

    Chicago PSR is a proud member of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition and we helped lead a successful campaign to shut down Chicago's coal-fired power plants.  These dirty and unhealthy plants will close in 2012 thanks to the efforts of more than 60 organizations. Chicago Clean Power Coalition members were honored at the Illinois Environmental Council dinner on September 20, 2012. Celebrate this big win for public health and clean air!  

  • We have developed a Climate Change and Public Health Plan for Cook County

    Climate change threatens our health by increasing infectious diseases, heat emergencies and poor air quality. To help the public health officials in the Chicago metropolitan area prepare and plan for the health effects of climate change in our area, we have developed a public health adaptation plan for Cook County.

  • We understand the need to green hospitals and health care centers

    View our how-to video, "Dr. Green: The Environmentally-Conscious Medical Office"

    Healthcare is the second most energy -intensive commercial building sector in the US. We work with our partners to help hospitals and clinics cut emissions and make environmentally friendly product choices. We actively support the procurement of local and sustainable food in health care settings.

    We want to help doctors green their offices. Click here to learn more about our Green Teas program.

  • We oppose the construction of new nuclear power plants in the US, and seek greener, cleaner energy solutions.

    View video of PSR President-elect Andrew Kanter discussing nuclear power plants near Chicago.

    Nuclear power plants expose the public to enormous radiation health risks. Accidents at nuclear power plants can have devastating consequences--as seen at the Three Mile Island plant, at Chernobyl, and now in northern Japan--that can put millions of humans at risk of radiation-induced illnesses. These accidents can also permanently irradiate surrounding land, making it uninhabitable and unsafe for growing crops. Additional risk comes from the lack of safe nuclear waste disposal. We support research and legislation promoting renewable energy solutions.

  • We continue to work towards the elimination of nuclear weapons

    Nuclear weapons pose the gravest threat to humanity and the environment. National PSR shared the Nobel Peace Prize with IPPNW for our nuclear disarmament work in 1985. We continue to work with local and national organizations to limit nuclear stockpiles and eventually create a world free of nuclear weapons.